About Us

I’m a 7th generation Chicagoan and have always been mesmerized by the City of Chicago flag. I love seeing it all over the city; flying from flag poles and businesses, tattooed on the bodies of Chicagoans, on pint glasses in bars, on hats worn with pride. A few years back I began a search for a simple tee with the flag emblazoned on the front. The exercise proved more difficult than I had imagined. It was then I thought about building an online store to offer tees, sweats, hats, glassware, socks, ties, belts, anything – emblazoned with our fabulous flag.

Chicago has a love affair with its flag like no other city in the world. The clean, crisp design represents where we’ve come from, and where we’re going as a world-class city. Chicago Flag Gear endeavors to become your online emporium for finding gear to show your city pride. We’ll start slowly, with classic tees and hats, then add more ways to showcase your Chicago pride, so keep coming back!

- Chicago Flag Man